Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day, Jeff

daddy and mickey swimming

My children are blessed with a great father. Mickey is truly his princess and he is her prince charming. I think that if she had her way she would grow up and marry him. She is very attached to him and more so lately with all the changes in her life. I love that when he is on a business trip that he calls home before bedtime and talks just to her. Then there are those extra special times when she gets to see her daddy on the computer.

Nate already has his daddy wrapped around his little finger. Daddy loves on him, takes care of him, feeds him,and overall can't wait to get home and hold his little man. I see those two being two peas in a pod.

Today we went as a family swimming. Nate really slept through the whole event. But hey he was there. Yesterday, Mickey and Daddy went swimming and they just had to bring me back today to show off a bit. Mickey wanted Daddy to show off jumping on the diving board. Boy she was an excited little one when seeing her daddy jump!

Daddy was excited to show off his girl Mickey who was fearless in the water. They are both great water bugs. I just enjoy them both. All in all we had a great Father's day.

Jeff, we love you and appreciate all you do. We know that husband and father are the two most important jobs in your life and it shows. Thank you for your sacrifices you make for us. I very much appreciate the sleep you get me when you are home. Love you!!



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