Sunday, June 27, 2010

Me and my two loves

I think that I am finally coming out of a fog of being a parent of a newborn. I am venturing out of the house more which requires a whole new logistics when you have a preschooler and a infant. I have to say it is a lot easier doing it with help than by myself. But I am learning and know that many mommas have done this before me. So I am encouraged that I will learn the tricks.

This past week Mickey has been going to swimming lessons and has completely enjoyed it. I can't post pictures because I am not allowed to take them until the last day of class. Do you know how difficult that has been for this photo taking momma? Extremely. But it allows for less distractions for my little girl so I will go along with it.

This morning while getting ready for church I asked my hubby to snap some pictures of me and the cuties. I am so glad that the did. I really liked how they turned out. He also got a picture of Nate smiling. I have been trying to get one of him and his cute little grin but I have missed it. So I was very happy to see that Jeff was able to get it done. So I thought I would share those with you.


Me and kiddos

Me and my 2 cuties


  1. Love the family pictures. You'll be glad you got them too. I try to get as many as I can which reminds me I need to get some more. ;)

  2. You'll get the hang of going out and about with 2 of them. My trick was to have the youngest one be the last I got out of the car, and then she was the first one to go back in.