Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Prince has arrived

Children have vivid imaginations and with that they create friends that will often join them on their journey. I think that I was a little unusual as I had a whole family. I had an imaginary mom, dad and little girl. They were not a friendly family, I got a long real well with the little girl not so much with the parents. I would randomly tell people that "My mom didn't like them".... meaning imaginary mom but these poor people that I told this did not know I had a whole imaginary family. My poor real mom had a lot of explaining to do.

Yesterday, Mickey was telling me that she needed to get ready for her prince because he was going to come and take her to the ball. I smiled and told her she looked pretty as she tried on all her pretty princess dresses. Then sometime in the evening before we went to bed the prince arrived. I didn't know he was here until she told me that the prince was here and they were going to the ball. She danced in the living room (where the ball was). Then it was time to get ready for bed and what did I find?? Prince was staying the night. I had to brush his teeth and they both put on their pajamas. She told me that prince and her (her named changed to Cinderella) were the same age, four. And when they grew up they were going to get married. Oh and I was the Queen and the King was out of town on business.

This morning we woke up and Mickey told me that Prince was still here. We all ate breakfast together. They got dressed up again and he has been hanging out all day. Somehow, I think that it he is going to be staying for a little while. It is too cute as she makes room for him and asks for things for him. Right now, she is satisfied if I give her pretend things for Prince, but I think that is going to be short lived before she requires real things for her friend.

I guess I should be happy that it is one friend and not a whole house full, right?

What she wore in preparation for the Prince to come

Dancing with Prince in her Pj's

Prince and Mickey sharing a chair for WonderPets
Dancing this morning in her dress
Mickey's dramatic end to her dance
Waiting for momma to tell her & Prince a story

Nate sleeping through it all


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  1. That's too funny! At least he's a well-mannered houseguest and hasn't caused any trouble...yet. LOL