Friday, June 11, 2010


This week was the week of Vacation Bible School. Mickey enjoyed herself and looked forward to going everyday. It was fun to see her come home each day and to hear her stories and to hear the songs that she was learning through the week. She was sad today when she realized that tomorrow we would not be going back to VBS.

Mickey VBS

Mickey and teacher
Mickey with her teacher and her two kiddos

Tonight marked the first time that as parents we went to a "kid function". It was pretty neat to see our daughter up there showing us what she has been learning. She was very proud and very much the performer. I have uploaded the two songs performed. At the end of the first one you can see her enjoying the applause. On the second one you will see her do her dramatic finish. Silly girl. Hope you enjoy. And, yes, that is my kid that is turning in circles on stage.


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  1. Oh my goodness! Mik and Layla are two peas in a pod! Layla has the same finish to all her performances in ballet!! Love the videos. Mickey is a natural performer and a joy to watch.